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Suspension trencher

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I. Purpose: wide application, simple structure, low cost, easy use and assembly;

Trenching and pipelaying (water pipe, cross tube), cable burying, natural gas pipeline, trenching and fertilization for fruit-bearing forest, loosening the soil for Chinese yam, burying grade vine;

II. Parameters:

  A. Power of auxiliary tractor: 30-120 hp;

  B. Operating speed: 150-500m/h;

  C. Trenching width: 15, 20, 25, 40, 60, 80, 100cm;

  D. Trenching depth: 0-240cm;

  E. Speed variator: hydraumatic or machine;  

Remark: The above trenching width, trenching depth and the type of auxiliary tractor can be separately adjusted as per user’s needs.

Speed variator: hydraumatic or machine;  

III. Main features of ditcher: This machine is characterized by small investment and rapid effect. One machine equals dozens of times of manpower and several times of small excavators.

High-quality ditcher 

  A. The excavated ditch can be as narrow as 10cm and as deep as more than 2 m. Besides, the ditch is straight and the wall is steep, which is several times as that of the ditch excavated by manpower.   

  B. High quality, long service life  

The cutting tip and chain is made by special material technology, which leads to a long service life. 

  C. High efficiency    

Compared with manpower and excavator, the product shows higher operation efficiency (3-5 times of that of the excavator) and economic benefit. In particular, when the machine is applied for excavating deep and narrow trentch (burying pipe or cable), it shows more outstanding operation performance. The machine is characterized by simple structure, easy operation and maintenance. If the auxiliary tractor is lack of ultra low gear (creeper gear), we can transform the machine and add super low speed device to it.


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